Our Background

Navdhor is a private construction company based in Centurion, Pretoria. We are involved in all nine provinces of South Africa, with team-members and partners stationed at various projects across the country.

The purpose for our establishment was to create an economic and efficient process of constructing residential establishments.

The need to participate positively in the economy of our society and the country respectfully, has driven us to organise a structured business, offering economic rates and short turn-around times. This initiative may involve us creating employment in the short to long term, skills-training, internship opportunities, etc.


We have a total of 15 years experience in the engineering and built environment. In light we have a broad understanding of how dynamic projects operate, and the ability to organise each element into its due process.

Some of the key objectives for the company will be to cater to the rising market for residential developments, specifically for the "missing" "middle class. The idea is utilizing minimal company overheads and carry out projects with flexible, widespread teams. In this way, we ensure both guarantees to our quality and transference of skills at various project locations.


Build For A Better Tomorrow

The built environment is not only a discipline, but we like to think of it as a tool for assisting each generation into an adaptable future. It thus important that we envisage and build sustainable structures. We believe we have the passion and resilience to mould a niche business; an avenue to assist clients build within regular regulatory standards and innovate materials and methods used for their structures.


The vision for the future is to become a leader in the construction sector, particularly in the residential sector.

The population in general gearing towards an increase in infrastructure development for GDP-contributing industries.

With thus, the increase in business-district suburbs has encouraged a niche market to construction of these units. Considering the fact, we are making efforts to penetrate the market gradually. We will achieve this by referencing our projected action plan as guide over the next 15 years. It is important for us to realise this as it allows for the gradual progress and growth of the company.

Milestone Expansion

3 Years

The first milestone is having a functional operation which will target areas in the Johannesburg and Tshwane regions. These will include areas such as Pretoria, Centurion, Sandton, Midrand, etc.

5 Years

The second milestone will include areas such as Benoni, Springs, Brakpan, etc.

7 Years

The final milestone for the company will be establishing premise in areas such as Meyerton, Heidelburg, Krugerdorp, Roodepoort, etc.

Project Excecution

This category reflects the percentages of type of projects we complete on average. There are projects which are completed in their entirety by Navdhor. This would mean the company overseas all aspects of a medium to large construction project.

Terrain Works


Internal Works


Finishing Works




The obligation to handle client with transparency and with respect is pivotal to our integrity. We therefore conduct our business in an ethically habitable manner.


With teams that show outstanding results and appreciation for good output, we thrive in the passion for what we build. We create an environment that fuels the energy that drives us.


One of the most critical attributes which sit in the value chain, is the prerogative to see projects through to their end. We ensure this as an absolute; to handle projects and see through their processes and challenges.


It is a responsibility to empower individuals and help them realise their goals and potential. The company ensures there is skill-transfer routines and programmes are involved in order to realise this value more tangibly.

When you want the best results, hire the best!

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