The services we render in the engineering field will vary, dependant on the type of proposal each client presents. Each prospective project will be noted with recommendations on a plan of execution.

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Terrain & External Works


  • Setting out the works for the importing, removal and/or transference of natural soil.

Paving Installation

  • Procuring and install concrete or synthetic blocks on sub-surface bedding


  • Organise natural elements to suit elevations to suit client needs.

Asphalt Surfacing

  • Installation of asphalt-based products external to developments.

Retaining Wall Construction

  • Importing and fixing of various types of retainers: gabions, loffelstein, masonry works, etc.

Subsurface Drainage & Water Systems
(Boreholes, Pumps, Sprinklers, Water Features, etc)

  • The establishing of water-systems for residential units and/or estates.
  • These are the provision of potable water, as required by the country's legislation.

Boundary Installations

  • The gathering of local teams combined with our own to build boundary lines. The specification of boundary shall be stipulated by the manufacturer, and thereafter our team install, assemble, attach, etc, as stipulated by the client.


  • The installation of steel or aluminium rails, traversing buildings and canti-platforms.

Bollards Fixing

  • The installation of concrete bollards, highly likely for pre-cast models to be used.

Carport Assembly

  • The assembling of steel members or prefabricated units on site.

Internal Works

Bulk Concrete Works

  • The management of large concrete projects, mainly to create platforms, beams, elevated beams, etc.

Reinforcing Schedule Fixing and/or Inspections

  • Provision of teams for the purpose of fixing bending schedules and checking final ties.

Waterproofing Lining

  • The provision and installation of waterproofing mechanisms, such as: concrete slurry lining, geothermal and synthetic linings, damp proofing, etc.

Steel / Timber Roof Fixing

  • The provision of specialised teams for layout-reading and fixing. Beams and trusses of each design will vary between standard timber, steel, aluminium, etc.

Masonry Works

  • Installation of SABS-approved clay and/or cement bricks, for the purpose of walls, retainers and screens.

Drywalling & Partitioning

  • Installation of prefabricated wall units to standard wall height and width, for the creation of compartments. cubicles, etc.

Internal Works

Flooring & Carpentry Works (Tiling, Timber, Epoxy, etc)

  • All specification of flooring material from ceramic tiles, laminated sheets. Vinyl, etc. Other specialised material such as epoxy are also applicable.

Painting & Glazing

  • Standardised painting and glazing methods applied to doors, window frames, water features, staircases, etc.

Water & Sanitation Works

  • The installation of basic sanitary units such as water closets, basins and other sundry items.

Wall Cladding

  • The fixing of specified stone cuttings traversing walls, columns, etc.

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